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Addressing Patient Independence - Open 24/7 for Advocate, EMT-b, and Observer


Being disabled, senior, or critically ill can make it harder to preserve your right to independence.  Our outpatient support services make it easier to sign legal documents, get the medicines you need, and keep you company when no-one else is there for you.


I was benefited from Jonjy Ananth during my recent experience with chronic shoulder pain. Lately, I was suffering from Chronic Shoulder pain and I received multiple diagnoses from a different healthcare provider, having been in a total confused state I approached Dr. Ananth for consultation. Dr. Ananth helped me to understand the rationale behind the diagnosis performed by each healthcare provider without ruling out either of the diagnosis and guided me with the right treatment. He helped me understand the non-surgical treatment which is what I was looking for. He encouraged me to adhere to my treatment plan, gave me a greater sense of control over my care team, and directed me to additional resources that could help me better understand my condition. He also followed up on regular basis to check my wellbeing and made sure I am recovering.

Also, he guided me with my insurance-related details. He assisted me with selecting the right hospital where my insurance is valid, which made my job easy.


He has been recognized in the community for his efforts to advocate for patients like myself who need a stronger voice when navigating their experience of illness in the healthcare system.  He is calm, patient, a good listener, assurance, compassionate towards suffering, and an excellent advocate for patients.

I truly admire his passion to pursue his career as a patient advocate and recommend him.  He will surely benefit many patients for better treatment.

Golden Hands Clinic was recommended to me to which I am grateful.

Compassionate care was provided to assist with many inpatient hospital challenges.

The utmost professionalism was given to me and it allowed me to feel confident when decisions had to be made because of the guidance I was given.

I highly recommend Golden Hands Clinic too.






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