What is an Advocate

An advocate goes to the nursing home, hospital, or other healthcare facility to be with the patient and fight for their best interests.

Type of Advocate services, we support - 

  • Treatment Access Advocacy

  • For addressing access to care concerns for patients whose choice of care or provider is denied or marginalized.

  • Therapeutic Communication Advocacy

  • For encouraging conversations where providers do not adequately listen, reassure, be present, and provide guidance. 

  • Patient Rights Advocacy

  • For ensuring patients get informed prior to treatment, can consciously accept or refuse, is addressed professionally, is kept in confidence, is provided care continuity, and are cared adequately.

  • Access to Care advocacy

  • For choosing a healthcare provider, talking with your provider, assessing quality. getting a second opinion, getting information, and using shared decision making.

  • Exploited Adult Advocacy

  • For vulnerable special populations including seniors, women, children, persons with disabilities, Mentally ill, LGBTQ, immigrants, racial-ethnic-religious-lingual minorities, indigent, and victims of crime

  • Child Advocacy

  • For fighting for access to key areas of a child's development, including health, education, nutrition, and sanitation, and freedom from exploitation. 

  • Child Custody Advocacy​​

  • For assessing child custody concerns where there is suspicion the medical needs of a child may be unmet per unaddressed problems with missed milestones, vaccines, nutrition status, and signs of abuse.

Links for Resources - 

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