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What is a Care Manager

A care manager is an overseer of care to map out care pathways and ensure patients get the necessary care they need​ while avoiding services that are not necessary


Type of Care Manager services, we support - 

  • Regular Care Manager Service

    • Identifying care plan and assessing barriers to overcome

    • Price: $90/h

  • Care Audit

    • Reviewing difficult or dead-end cases to identify errors or potential questions for further exploration

    • Price: $39/h plus $300 Fee

  • Utilization Review

    • Identifying questionable tests or treatments for scrutiny to avoid going down the wrong care pathway

    • Price: $39/h plus $300 Fee

  • Medical Records Audit

    • Gathering and assessing medical records for completeness and errors

    • Price: $39/h plus $300 Fee

  • Risk Management Review

    • Assessing risk exposure to develop a clear report on the risks, benefits, and alternatives of care

    • Price: $39/h plus $300 Fee​​

  • Health Facility Assessment

    • Comparing healthcare facilities, providers, and other options for best referrals or to identify sources of concern

    • Price: $39/h plus $300 Fee

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