What are Medicaid-covered

Non Emergency Medical

Transportation Benefits

Under Federal Law. State Medical agencies must ensure necessary transportation to and from providers, use the most appropriate form of transportation, and include coverage for transportation/related travel expenses necessary to attend medical appointments.  This is different from emergency transportation where medical needs are immediate, symptoms are severe, symptoms may be live threatening, or symptoms may be due to a serious event such as auto accident.  We provide non-emergency medical taxi services.


Type of Medical Taxi services we support- 

  • Accessible limo transportation services 

    • We use a Lexus RX-300 livery vehicle to provide livery transport to conferences or other events requiring transport by up to 4 passengers.

  • Paratransit van

    • We use a Lexus RX-300 with removed rear seating for added storage space for patients with attached dialysis equipment, oxygen cylinders or monitors and for patients who require storage for their wheelchair, cane, walker,  or other assistive device.

  • Accessible taxi transportation services

    • We use a Toyota Camry for patients who require minimal ambulatory support and do not have attached medical apparatus.  Detached oxygen cylinders, assistive devices, monitors can be stored in the trunk.

Accessibility is provided through assisted transfer to and from the seat, ambulatory assistance from the entrance to the vehicle, and EMT-basic monitoring of any connected oxygen, dialysis equipment, monitors, or assistive devices.

*Our vehicles cannot accommodate stretchers and are not wheelchair accessible and require assisted transfer from wheelchair to seat.  We are not equipped to provide complex medical monitoring or emergency response emergency medical transport.  For emergency medical services please call 911 immediately.


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