What is Billing Support

Billing support assists in understanding the bill, anticipating the likely bills based on the healthcare provided, and calling to follow up with healthcare billing specialists to request or discuss options.  Is very useful for spotting coding errors, bills of questionable medical necessity, and preventing unexpected bills.

Type of Medical Coder services, we support - 

  • Bill interpretation 

    • Understand medical bills, why they were charged, and whether they are appropriate for the type of service rendered

  • Bill Anticipation

    • Prior to procuring services, it is important to have an idea of the anticipating time required to provide care, the level of care required, and other factors that help anticipate the likely total cost

  • Follow up with billing department

    • Keeping in touch with the billing department or other healthcare creditors can help to prevent unpaid bills from too soon going to collections and helps the patient and family focus on recovery