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Our Board Certified Patient Advocate will be available to:

Communicate with healthcare providers during health team discussions in order to facilitate the patients' wishes.
Follow-up when healthcare providers are difficult to reach or understand.
Accompany the patient to appointments in order to observe the patient, summon help when necessary, and assist the patient in communicating more effectively with their healthcare team by asking pertinent questions relevant to their concerns.

The following situations may warrant the use of a patient advocate:

Communicating with healthcare providers when situations become overwhelming with medical jargon, multiple providers with conflicting opinions, or a diagnosis that not understood by the patient with attention given to the needs of patients to process claims, receive benefits, and develop confidence in their treatment plan in order to adhere to it.
Accompaniment when attending an important clinic appointment to discuss issues of end of life care, access to disability services or early intervention benefits, bereavement, and receiving bad news.
Following up when healthcare providers deem a patient incapacitated

We specialize in:

Reviewing medical records for comparison against Social Security Administration disability criteria for correlative evidence.
Reviewing medical records for evidence for further inquiry of the patient and family with their healthcare provider.

Our Rates and Terms are as follows:

Contact us to get a quote and more.  You can also reach us for other inquiries at or 617-543-6366.  

Forgiveness of unpaid balances may be authorized only upon written settlement of the unpaid balance.
A workout may be offered on application for a payment plan in installments in smaller amounts over an extended period if agreed upon by Golden Hands Clinic and the delinquent party, however Golden Hands Clinic is not obliged too offer a workout if it is believed the delinquent party intends to default on the outstanding balance.
We can offer a 10% Owners discount at the discretion of the owner of Golden Hands Clinic LLC for special recognition, hardship, or other exigent circumstances, please inquire for more info.
Charge disputes can only be made after payment in full is rendered.  Please contact us with the reason for the dispute and any evidence.  We will investigate and either dismiss the dispute or, if it has merit, refund the disputed amount or some portion of it per the findings of our investigation.
Sale subject to credit approval, sale may be cancelled refused or voided at any time for legal reasons or declined credit. * Delinquent accounts will allow for a 15 day grace period from the invoice due date after which a 3% of the invoiced amount of the unpaid balance will be incurred and further service will cease until all outstanding invoice amount balances are fully satisfied and made current.
No redoes, all sales are final.  
We cannot accept offsite payments except by check in hand, please otherwise pay at our office, online, or by phone.
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