What is a Navigator

An navigator helps ensure patients get the most appropriate care according to the standard of care.

Type of Navigator services, we support - 


  • Male Breast Cancer Prevention advocacy

  • For choosing a healthcare provider, talking with your provider, assessing quality. getting a second opinion, getting information, and using shared decision making.

  • Breast Cancer Prevention for People with Disabilities Navigator

  • For ensuring patients get informed prior to treatment, can consciously accept or refuse, is addressed professionally, is kept in confidence, is provided care continuity, and are cared adequately.


  • Alzheimers Disease Care Promtoion Navigator

  • For fighting for access to key areas of a child's development, including health, education, nutrition, and sanitation, and freedom from exploitation. 


  • Smoking cessation Navigator

  • For encouraging conversations where providers do not adequately listen, reassure, be present, and provide guidance.

  • Promotion of societal Integrtation and immigrants health navigator

  • Vaccination Promotion Navigator

  • Appropriate Admission and Discgarge Promotion Navigator

  • Continuity of Care Prinituib Navigator

  • Share Parenting Promotion Navigator

  • Preventing Identity Theft Navigator

  • Physician Health Promotion Navigator

  • Promotion of Communication with Teens Navigator

  • Public Sanitation Promotion Navigator


  • Ischemic Heart Disease Prevention Navigator

  • Blood Sugar Control promotion Navigator

  • Drug Information and Adherence Navigator

  • For addressing access to care concerns for patients whose choice of care or provider is denied or marginalized.


  • Obesity Prevention Navigator

  • Healthy Diet Promotion Navigator


  • Lead POisoning and Exposure Prevention Navigator



  • Oral health promotion navigator

  • Foster Child Protection, Promotion,a dn Abuse Prevention Navigator

  • Self sustainance promotion through a skillset and of income navigator

  • Promotion of succesful pediatric to adult care transition navigator

  • ​​

  • Personal hygeine promotion navigator

  • Hate crime prevention navigaot

  • Prison sexual asault (violence) prevention navigator

  • Social acceptance promotion navigator

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