What is a Board Certified Patient


A Board Certified Patient Advocate is a professional certified by the Patient Advocate Certification

Board to achieving the highest level of professional competence in improving outcomes

from the healthcare system by addressing medical or hospital bedside assistance,

insurance denials or claims, billing review, and more.

Type of Patient Advocate services we support - 

  • Medical/Navigation Assistance

    • Helping you work with your healthcare providers

  • End of Life Decisions/Care Planning/Advance Directives/Planning/and Paperwork

    • Following up on the discharge or care plan, officially witnessing signing ceremonies for legal papers,  

  • Medical billing or Insurance Claims Denials: Review, Reduction, Negotiation

    • Calling insurance companies after a claims denial to prosecute the appeals process

  • Health Insurance: Choices and Review

    • Using healtcare.gov to identify health insurance options 

  • Integrative, Holistic, Complementary, and Alternative Therapies

    • Recommending over the counter, supplemental, nutritional, herbal, and therapeutic activities to complement standard medical services

  • Pain Management

    • Assisting with obtaining a second opinion, getting clearance for medical tests, and overcoming provider bias.

  • If the requirements of the job fall outside our scope, we will do our best to offer referrals to patient advocates who specialize in the following:

  1. Hospital/bedside or travel accompaniment to appointments

  2. Medication reviews: Prescription drugs, OTC, supplements

  3. Geriatric/eldercare or home health services 

  4. Mental health and substance abuse assistance

  5. Disability (SSDI and others) and long term care and filings

  6. Guardianship/conservatorship/fiduciary care 

  7. Legal assistance related to health or medical care

  8. Mediation (Helping families manage healthcare related disagreements)

  9. Dental advocacy

  10. Prevention and wellness coaching, exercise, diet, weight loss  

  11. Pregnancy, birth, pediatric assistance

  12. Medical tourism

Patient Advocate Bio -


Jonjy Ananth is a Board Certified Patient Advocate with experience helping patients navigate the healthcare system.  He has

trained in over 6 healthcare settings spanning the continental United States where he developed a keen understanding of varying practices of care in different regions, specialties, and cultures of medical practice.  He is an astute student of health systems science with an MD MBA earned from the Medical University of the Americas Belize and St Christopher's' College of Medicine.   He is a published scientific author on the subject of effectiveness comparisons of diagnostic modalities in cancer treatment in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine where he explores questions on the utility of questionable tests.  He is a Presidentially recognized volunteer servant in the field of social care participating in community level groups to better understand the social determinants of health with a focus on cultural education, family relationships, and ethnocentric viewpoints.  He is certified in patient experience, emergency medical services, and trauma informed care for home visitors making him an excellent choice for sensitive patients who require a discretionary approach where their physical or mental condition may deteriorate.    

How long will it take to perform the services -

Most of our patient advocate engagements involve about 5 hours of time to complete healthcare assessments, researching the condition, reviewing bills, handling insurance claims, or overcoming denials.  We will offer you a general sense of the process at the initial interview.

Do you have time to Handle the Workload?

We generally can handle most cases comfortably but should a case be too complex outside our scope, we will do our best too refer you to an appropriate professional service.

Are you on call 24/7?

Yes, our advocates' phone line is open 24/7 with the caveat that there will be window of time necessary to respond if contacting him off schedule and there is a on call fee that applies for services outside normal business hours from 9am-4pm.  

Where are you located?

Our office is located at 14 Lamplighter drive in Shrewsbury but we also perform mobile services for patients who cannot come to us. 

Do you provide written reports about the Services you provided?

Sometimes reports are helpful when providing updates to a family member who retained the advocates' services on behalf of the patient.  Reports are sometimes unnecessary such as when follow up visits are occurring every day and there may be a fee for the the report that can be avoided to be sensitive to costs.  The necessity of reports will be discussed at the initial interview. 

Have you handled Other Similar Cases before?

In general we handle cases involving patients who face major consent decisions, issues regarding capacity, or patients who are denied appropriate care for what services they are being billed for.  

Can we interview the advocate beforehand?

Yes ofcourse!  We offer a complementary interview appointment with the advocate to find out if they can help you, what the process will entail, and a quote for how much it will cost.

What do you charge?

We charge a $500 minimum or $300 flat for each of the services listed above.  We will send you an engagement letter outlining the scope and extent of our proposed service.  The fee for on call services is $30 and for reports are $30.

Do you have references?

Due to our respect for the confidentiality of our clients we are unable to provide contact information for our clients but we can certainly ask clients to get in touch with you to provide a reference if they feel comfortable doing so.  

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